Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm a neglectful blogger!

I always assume no one comes here, so neither do I, but every now and then I receive evidence of your visits and then I feel such shame....

and then I drink.  

Hey, check this out!


ClayPotts said...

Did you write that Ramona? Here I just finish mixing Instant Karma...I have fallen deeply in love with your voice, btw, and I stopped by your page which led to this blog, which led to that video...I'm babbling now...that video and song should have been on every major television network during the campaign, election, etc...who did that video for you? UN-BE-LIEVABLE! Fantastic, amazing. I'm Clay..I mean Peter...I are just great.

Ramona Graham said...

Thank you so much, Mr Potts!

I did it with my Mac, it was a snap! I don't work for Apple but I WOULD because I am in love with this machine!

: )

mremusic said...

Hi Ramona,
Cool page. I like the painting and the way the page pans independently. What a great way of promoting your stuff! You are so way ahead of this old geezer!


CameraJan said...

Hello Ramonaji, I found your page because you commented a song on iComposition. Somehow you face and you comment (about the 'witch' song attracted me, and so: here I am. I only posted one song on iCompositions, my name there is Janneman1952 (no, I won't tell my age...;-) )
I listened to some of your songs, I like them. Your voice sounds as I expected to be when I saw your picture.

Greetings from Holland.