Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Oh man, i'ts 12 am and I gotta hit le sac, as they call it in Belgium.
I hope you are enjoying my solipsistic site.  It's new!  We all like something new, right?  
Ok, forgive me for boring you, but really, I've nothing to say and that won't stop me from saying it!
Thank you thank you, for visiting my site!  Outta site, man!
That's a shout out to Tommy Chong, man.


Vik said...
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Vik said...

I got bored - my creativity got locked into whatever part of my brain. started surfing and got interested by your music - googled you - great stuff! i'm incredibly jealous of your productivity

btw; in Belgium they call your glasses ocmw glasses

what's your link with Belgium?